Free Recycling Event Seattle - Madison Valley Community Rummage Sale July 31 2010

Free Electronic Recycling Event Seattle

Electronic Recycling Items Accepted Free at Seattle Recycling Event: TVs (televisions), CPUs (computers), Monitors (lcd, crt, plasma), Small Appliances (toasters, microwaves, coffee makers, etc).

NO FREON CONTAINING UNITS (i.e. AC units, fridges, freezers).

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General Info for Seattle Recycling Event

Recycling Acceptance Policy for Event:

Busby Junk Removal will be accepting Electronics for recycling. We will be accepting old Televisions, Monitors, Computers, and Small Appliances (no freon-containing units) for FREE on July 31st at the Madison Valley Community Rummage Sale.

What is the Madison Valley Community Rummage Sale and Busby Recycling Event?

The event is a local community rummage sale, recycling event and potluck. The advertising is provided for you and the space will be at the "Pitt" in the Greater Madison Valley Community.

Park Address: The "Pitt" park in between E John and E Denny on 30th Ave E

Date: Saturday July 31 2010


  • 10AM to 2PM - Yard Sale ($10 for Space)
  • 1PM to 4PM - Potluck Dinner
  • 10 AM to 4PM - Busby Junk Removal Recycling Event

Event Contact Information:

  • Adrienne Bailey (Coordinator) - 206-323-3738
  • Charles McDade (Coordinator) - 206-325-3518
  • Matt Wittmier (Busby Rep) - 425-761-3826
  • Email: