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Seattle Hot Tub Removal, Destruction and Hauling

Hot Tub

Above is an old hot tub that was removed from a home on the Issaquah Plateau in Klahanie.

If you need an old junk hot tub or spa picked up and taken away from your home you don't have to pay the premium price and rent a crane.

If your hot tub is like the one above and can be removed without much trouble you will only pay for the space that it takes up in the junk truck. Hot tubs generally take up 1/2 to 3/4 of a truck depending on the dimensions of the hot tub or spa. If it takes up 1/2 it would be $389 and if it takes up 3/4 then it would be $519, there is also a price increment between the two of $459 for a 5/8 load.

If we have to cut it up or take over an hour to remove the hot tub there may be a small additional labor charge of up to $100. Please call 1-877-404-5865 to get that space hog in your yard or deck hauled away or book online.

Can you remove the hot tub from my deck?

Yes, Busby Junk Removal can remove the hot tub from the deck. This may take a little extra time, because we have to be careful not to damage your deck. Safety and Damage Control are extremely important at Busby Junk Removal. If you would like to see an example of a hot tub that we have cut from a deck you can check out our Burien Hot Tub Removal Project. Click Here to see more Hot Tub Removal Projects.

Can you remove the hot tub in one piece or does it have to be broken up?

It depends on the hot tub, the crew will make the decision on site and inform you of the decision. Most hot tubs can be taken out in one piece, but some are much to heavy or cumbersome to remove without cutting the hot tub into pieces before removal. There also may be obstacles in the way that determine how small the hot tub needs to be cut to be removed safely. This being said, the below hot tub was removed from a North Bend home in one piece.

Hot Tub In One Piece