Eastside & Seattle Trailer Removal junk camper trailer

We haul junk camper type trailers like the one pictured above.

old trailers waiting to be towed away

We've hauled away smaller trailers like these...

breaking down a large trailer for removal

...and we can quickly break down larger trailers for hauling.

I have a small trailer house on my property, can you remove it?

Yes, we can remove your trailer. To give an accurate price estimate, we do need to know some details about the trailer itself - it's easiest if you're able to email some pictures. Some of the things that we would need to know about the trailer are:

1. Dimensions (Length, Width, and Height)

2. Is there anything inside (i.e. trash, appliances, bedding, etc...)?

3. Accessibilty (is it in a driveway, or in the backyard, etc.)?

4. Location (city) where the trailer is parked.

Busby can also haul away junk cars and trucks (for free in most cases).